Angel/Apsara Devi Sadhna

Apsara sadhna is a very holy, devotional and soft ritual. Apsara sadhna can change your life by divine grace of god and angel. If you want to attract any beautiful girl or a man or you want some special and amazing devine power may prtect you and your family in everyway all the time, or want beautiful looks and body that anyone can be impressed by your personality, you can use Apsara Mantra and Sadhna that will enhance your quality of life 100% better than it is now.

Apsara sadhana helps you to get success in the life, right guidance to choose right path in the life. It helps you to get solution and remedies for your all kind of problem. Apsara sadhna provides you guidance and support for career, name, fame, success and growth in the life but you cannot marry with girl if you invoked apsara as wife or as lover. If you want to do marriage also and you want to get siddhi over apsara so you should invoke for apsara as mother or as sister. If you invoked apsara as wife or as lover so apsara will not allow you to do marriage with anyone, if you will try, she will kill her or try to harm her also. For doing apsara sadhna and tantra you need a personal room, in some sadhna you need garden, forest and also in some secret apsara sadhna you need to do it near pond or river. Apsara sadhna is really nice but apsara creates so many problems for you when you start invoking for her. She can give you diseases, long term problems, any emergency case, family problems, sex in the mind with un natural force, sexual feelings, fear, obstacles in the life and so many things, from that you can really get disturbed and stop the sadhna, but if you will not stop and continue it with strong faith and trust over guru so you will get success soon. And after siddhi apsara will not try to do anything against you even she will help you for everything when you call. Apsara sadhna is not for sex and lust as people try to do in the past already and get failed and side effects also. Apsara is a divine energy of heaven and you are human being if you will try to do sex with her so by siddhi you can do it but after that you will get nature curse and cure is not possible in any way. You cannot imagine problems which can come in the life after sex. For doing sex you need lot of powers and abilities to control it. For a common men, sex not allowed in the sadhna. Apsara sadhna is for love, softness, guidance, support and care and help. If you are doing apsara sadhna you should always follow bramhcharya and you should control over emotions as apsara always look very beautiful and nice. You should try to involve youself with her in physical relationship and sex. keep distance between you and her always in the life is really want to get happiness after sadhna. If you will follow these rules apsara will never leave you alone and always she has to guide and help you when you call her. There are so many apsara sadhna available for different type of need and problems and desires, but Apsara Sadhna needs very hard attention and only experts can do that. Tantrik Ayush Ji is an expert in Apsara Sadhna and has achieved immense power of divinity which enables your luck and fortune. He has already achieved siddhi for apsara sadhna and can help you if you want him to get success. He can do puja and sadhna for you so that the Deviji will be impressed to you and she will blessed you and will be with you forever and protect your family with all the negative energies you have.


According to Hindu Religion, Apsara lives in heaven, skilled in many arts, stunning and supernatural divine feminine.  Apsara are extremely beautiful and young. She likes the smell of roses and jasmine, etc. You can feel smell of many type of scent comes from her body. She likes to wear tight clothes and also likes to wear jewelry. She likes long hair as open. She always looks like a 16 year old girl. Indeed, she is very simple. She is always dedicated to her seeker. She would never cheat the seeker. This can happen during Sadhana that she may appear before the Sadhana completed. If that happens, you tend to ignore. You must complete your mantra as you used it regularly. Forbid hurry and continued to chant the mantra. Do not see toward her. Here is a no place for lust.Apsara may take test to by distracting your mind.

But, at this point of time, many of us, we are looking Apsara with the sexual fantasy. Avoid the sexual feelings it can spoil your Sadhana. Sometimes she may come naked to conduct your test. The daily mantra chanted should be over first. When she appears in front of you, then you should give her roses and some perfume. You should offer some sweets made of milk to her. Take her word that “She lives throughout whole life in control of you. She will not ever leave you and obey your orders” Do not trust her until she doesn’t make promises. Because she own wants to break the discipline of the seeker.