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Mystery Of Kamakhya Temple – Secrets of Black Magic & Tantrik Vashikaran Kriya Expert Temple

The Maa Kamakhya Temple stands as a distinguished center for Black Magic Specialist in Kamakhya and Tantrik Vashikaran Kriya practices, revered as one of the most ancient temples among the 51 Peethas. It holds the esteemed status of being one of the Four Shaktipeeths dedicated to Maa Kali, with its origins dating back to the 8th century. Historical accounts of this revered Kamarup Kamakhya are traced back to Tibetan records from the 10th century.

Nestled in Assam, the Kamakhya Temple holds profound significance as one of India’s revered Shakti Peethas, intricately linked to the legend of Shiva and Daksha Yagna. Dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya, it is counted among the 51 Shakti Peeths, with the temple complex comprising various individual shrines representing the ten Mahavidyas of Saktism. Beyond its appeal to Tantric practitioners, the temple attracts countless Hindu pilgrims from across the nation.

The Maa Kamakhya Temple is renowned for its Most Powerful Pujan, offering profound rituals in Tantra Vidya Kriya, Black Magic Kriya, and Vashikaran Kriya. It stands as a beacon of spiritual power, revered as one of the Best Famous Powerful Shakti Peethas, symbolizing the divine presence of Goddess Kamakhya.

Kamakhya Temple History:

Kamakhya Temple History – The Kamakhya Temple, initially erected in the eighth century, underwent numerous rebuilds under the patronage of various rulers from the Ahom and Koch dynasties until the 17th century. At this sacred site, devotees revere the Yoni (vulva) of Goddess Sati rather than an idol. According to mythological accounts, Goddess Sati, insulted by her father Daksha during an auspicious ceremony, immolated herself after he spoke ill of Lord Shiva. Enraged, Lord Shiva performed the Tandav dance, and wherever the parts of Goddess Sati’s body fell, they became known as Shakti Peethas. The Kamakhya Temple stands as one such Shaktipeeth where the genitals of the goddess descended.

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The revered Goddess Maa Kamakhya Temple is also known as the bleeding Devi or menstruating Goddess due to an intriguing phenomenon. In the Hindi month of Ashadha (June), the Goddess spontaneously menstruates, causing the water of the underground spring in the Garbhagraha to turn red. This menstrual period lasts three days, during which devotees are prohibited from entering the temple. They may, however, dip their handkerchiefs in the red water as offerings to the Goddess for good fortune. On the fourth day, the grand Ambubachi festival or mela is joyously celebrated.

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Why Kamakhya Temple is Famous?
The Kamakhya temple venerates the tantric goddesses, with Kamakhya Devi as the primary deity. Alongside Kamakhya Devi, the temple complex encompasses shrines dedicated to ten other manifestations of Kali, namely Matangi, Dhumavati, Kamala, Bagola, Bhairavi, Tara, Bhuvaneshwari, Chinamasa, and Tripura Sunduri.

Counted among the 108 Shakti Peeths, the Kamakhya temple’s origins are steeped in legend. Once, Sati, the wife of Shiva, engaged in a heated dispute with her husband over attending her father Daksha’s grand Yagna. At the Yagna, Daksha insulted Shiva, enraging Sati to the point of self-immolation in shame.

Upon learning of Sati’s demise, Shiva succumbed to grief and unleashed a destructive Tandav dance. To pacify him, Vishnu intervened, using his chakra to sever Sati’s body, which had fallen into 51 different places, known as Shakti Peeths. The Kamakhya temple holds the mystery and reverence of this sacred tale, embodying the divine essence of the goddess.

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